Do you love your career? I mean… do you really love it? Are you excited about your mission and do you look forward to going to work every day?

If your answer is yes – congratulations! Finding and securing your dream role is a magical feeling that is coveted by many. When you have achieved your career nirvana it can be so tempting to sit back and calm the driving force that got you to where you are today. Ya know what though? There is always room to grow, develop and improve. Let me show you the way to loving your career even more than you do today.

If your answer is no – don’t despair! It doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s work together to understand what your dream career looks like and then develop a master plan to get there. I can help you to understand your strengths and development areas and teach you the best ways to communicate them to potential employers. I will help you find happiness in your career.

My name is Rebecca McFarland and I have been working in the human resources industry for over ten years. I have qualifications in human resources, business, management and adult education. I achieved my DISC Advanced Consultant and Facilitator Accreditation in 2013.

In addition to the roles I have held in the corporate world, I am also an experienced Career Coach and have worked with over 100 clients in a vast range of industries. Here is what one of my clients wrote after working with me:

"I recently approached Bec and she was so patient and understanding to acknowledge my desperation in getting a job. She didn't treat me as your average recruitment agencies would. She set my expectations straight about how I should be approaching these jobs and advised me about how to clean up and address my selection criteria responses. I had a whole new resume and cover letter after speaking to Bec. A few months later I had 3 different interviews with the public service for roles that I would have never thought of applying for. I am now currently being offered a role at *** and I have never been this confident (not cocky) at an interview before. To see the positive response I get from interviews is overwhelming."

IT Consultant

I am extremely passionate about helping people to realise their dreams and find pleasure in their employment. When looking for content for my clients, I noticed that whilst most career advice websites had some good information, It was usually very sterile, bland and super serious.

​But professional development can be so much more than that! I created Pop Your Career to share practical and useful career advice in a really fun way that won’t bore your socks off.

I am a hard-core introvert, I have a wicked sense of humour, I always laugh out loud, I am incredibly loyal, I live for my family, I swear a lot, I hate washing dishes and I am addicted to Mexican food. I also know my stuff when it comes to career development.​

To get access to loads of free contact and exclusive updates, sign up for my weekly newsletter, The Career Companion. Thanks for joining me on my Pop Your Career journey. I’d love to get to know you better – connect with my by email or on social media and tell me all about your dream career.​

Becca xo​