Are you completely satisfied with your career? Most people aren't, but it isn't a hopeless cause. The Career Fulfilment Framework is a system that you can use to identify the areas of your career that need work. The framework will then then guide you through the improvement process so that you can achieve your ultimate career nirvana. ~ Pop Your Career

The Career Fulfilment Framework

If you subscribe to my weekly newsletter, The Hump Day Digest, then you will know that I have been working on a new project that will allow me to serve you better, on your journey to feeling fulfilled in your career.

The Career Fulfilment Framework is based on years of reflection, study and talking to my clients about their career goals. This has allowed me to delve deep into the elements that contribute to fulfilment and consider how each of these elements (or pillars as I call them) can be tweaked, massaged and adapted to achieve employment nirvana. In this post, I am sharing an overview of The Career Fulfilment Framework and in coming weeks I will be going deep with each of the stages and pillars to talk about how you can ensure that you are completely aligned with your career goals.

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Not sure whether to include an objective section in your resume? In this post, I have included loads of tips as well as practical examples of when an objective section will serve you in your job search! ~ Pop Your Career

When to include an objective section in your resume (and when to ditch it!)

A question that I am often asked is whether or not you should include an objective section in your resume. Personally, I am not a fan of including an objective – you might have heard me say before that it seems a little redundant, as most of the time, your objective is to get the role that you are applying for. There are some cases, however, when an objective section in your resume can help to communicate your story to a potential employer and these cases all revolve around change.

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Straddling the fence between spirituality and practicality? Looking for some insight into the future of your career? I hear you! I had my career astrology chart read... here's what went down... ~ Pop Your Career

I Had My Career Astrology Chart Read… Here’s What Went Down

Last week I had my astrological birth chart done to explore what is in store for my career in 2017 and beyond. I know this sort of thing isn’t for everyone and it varies from the usual information I provide at Pop Your Career, but I have been getting to know a few of you through my email list and I know that there are quite a few readers out there who appreciate looking at things in a different light.

If this sort of thing isn’t for you, that’s cool. My next post will be back to providing you with super practical advice about improving your resume, but if you are intrigued by the idea of using astrology to guide your career or business, then read on. I’ll tell you all about it!

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Do you love travelling for work or do you die inside a little every time your boss announces another trip? I am firmly in the middle. To make travelling for work more bearable (for both of us!) I created this post! ~ Pop Your Career

22 Practical Tips To Make Travelling For Work More Bearable

Do you love travelling for work, or do you dread every trip and then wish that it was over? I land firmly in the middle. I don't mind travelling, mostly because my work colleagues are awesome, but on the other hand, I am a bit of a homebody and would always prefer to be at home with my family. To make my work travel more bearable (and maybe even enjoyable!), I am always looking for tips, tricks and hacks. In this post, I am sharing some of those tips with you.

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Don't let the new year ruin your career ~ Pop Your Career

Don’t let the new year ruin your career

At the beginning of every new year, a few common themes become apparent with my clients and the people I encounter in general. Themes that tend to change our way of thinking and trigger actions that can sometimes be quite counter-productive in terms of career development. In this Facebook Live stream I talked about the three most common themes that I see at this time of the year and what you can do to make sure the new year doesn’t ruin your career!

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My values are the guiding principles by which I live my life. These are the rules I follow in my life, career and business to make sure that I am always being true to myself.

How my values affect my career and business

I recently decided to review my values and really get clear about how I want them to show up in my career and business. Previously, I have tried to separate out my personal values and business values but since my business is me, I decided to define my values in a way that they can work cohesively across all areas of my life. I used the process I show you in my free e-book, How to Define Your Purpose, Vision and Values (Then Use Them to Craft Your Perfect Career!) and in this post I thought I would explain each of the values I have chosen and how I make sure I am honouring them in my career and business. Hopefully this will provide you with some inspiration for choosing and defining your own values and finding ways to weave them into your work.

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How I am avoiding overwhelm (& you can too!)

If you subscribe to my newsletter, The Hump Day Digest, you might know that I have taken on some extra responsibilities in my day job recently and that I have also embarked on the huge task of decluttering my house and reducing the amount of junk in my life. You might also know that I have been taking on a bit of client work lately and have been enjoying the positive feedback.

What you don't know is that I am also preparing for my mother and father-in-law to come and stay with us for three months, I have almost completed all of my Christmas shopping (even though it is still October), I have some pretty intense Pop Your Career goals that I am working towards (including publishing my first book) and I am still fighting chronic pain in my neck and arm!

Am I feeling overwhelmed? Nope! Was this always the case? Definitely not! A couple of weeks ago I had a moment where I could physically feel overwhelm creeping in, as I looked at my to-do list and wondered, "How on earth am I going to get it all done?" Thankfully, I recognised the feeling and was able to nip it in the bud by implementing a clear and proven strategy. This is how I am avoiding overwhelm - and you can too!

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Thinking about starting something on the side of your day job, but not in the mood for a hustle? Here are 5 side projects that can help you find genuine fulfilment - no hustle required! ~ Pop Your Career

5 Side Projects That Don’t Involve a Hustle

You may have heard the term "side hustle" in your rounds on the internet. Traditionally, a side hustle is a form of entrepreneurship that you take up on the side of your day job. You might do this in the hopes of eventually giving up your 9-5. Perhaps you are looking for a way to make a little extra cash or maybe you just need to fill your creative cup.

Personally, I am a huge advocate of the side hustle but only because it fits into my lifestyle. For some of you, the idea of hustling in your spare time might scare you to pieces or bore you to tears and that is okay! In this post I am sharing 5 side projects that you can take up to improve your fulfilment and I promise you, there is no hustling involved.

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Managing a team is a balancing act between achieving results, making sure your team members are happy and finding your own fulfilment. It truly is an art form. Find out how to do it all in this post ~ Pop Your Career

The Art of Managing a Team

Managing a team is truly an art form and it is just as difficult as it is rewarding. Humans are unpredictable and for this reason, people management can sometimes feel like managing a zoo; so many different personalities, needs and feeding schedules. It can be an absolute nightmare trying to keep up.

But as I mentioned, managing a team can also be rewarding. Personally, I get a huge rush from helping people discover and maximise their strengths and this is one of the greatest rewards that I have taken from team management. One of the greatest difficulties I experienced was balancing the needs of my team with the needs of the organisation and this has prompted me to share my top tips for managing a team, with emphasis on both success and your own happiness.

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Want to get a promotion? Don't stand idly by. In this post I am sharing 7 thoughtful ways that you can improve your chances of getting the promotion you have worked so hard for. ~ Pop Your Career

Want to get a promotion? Here’s how!

Are you hoping to get a promotion? One thing that really annoys me is the belief that promotions should go to the longest serving member of staff. It is a bit of an old-fashioned belief, but it is one that leads certain people to think that they are deserving of that next rung on the ladder, whether they have put in the work or not.

You know me, I am not one to mince my words when it comes to that sort of stuff. Sometimes the guy or gal who has been with the company the longest is not the right choice. Regardless of how long you have been with your employer, if you see a promotion at any stage in your future, I would suggest that you start working towards it now. Demonstrate that you are interested in new opportunities using these thoughtful tips:

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