Wanting to get a little extra help? I offer one-to-one coaching services as well as a couple of courses. For more information, click the links below. If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to email me at!

Are you having trouble deciding which direction you should go in your career? Join the Career Clarity Quest 7-Day Email Course and get clear about your career!

The Career Clarity Quest is a free 7-day email course that will help you to get clear about your career and discover your true potential. 

Detox Your Resume is a self-paced e-course hosted on Teachable. Containing cheat sheets, worksheets and video tutorials, Detox Your Resume will teach you everything you need to know about preparing a resume. 

Are you completely satisfied with your career? Most people aren't, but it isn't a hopeless cause. The Career Fulfilment Framework is a system that you can use to identify the areas of your career that need work. The framework will then then guide you through the improvement process so that you can achieve your ultimate career nirvana. ~ Pop Your Career

Want some personalised assistance? My Career Fulfilment Framework packages are designed to identify what is out of alignment in your career and help you take steps to achieving your own fulfilling career.