The career fulfilment framework

I developed The Career Fulfilment Framework with over ten years of experience working in human resources and management. Over this time, I have seen a clear desire from people to feel fulfilled in their careers and have taken note of the pivot points required to achieve career fulfilment. 

Are you completely satisfied with your career? Most people aren't, but it isn't a hopeless cause. The Career Fulfilment Framework is a system that you can use to identify the areas of your career that need work. The framework will then then guide you through the improvement process so that you can achieve your ultimate career nirvana. ~ Pop Your Career

The Career Fulfilment Framework is made up of three stages and nine pillars, each of which, cover an area of your career and life that will impact on your overall job satisfaction. Through using the Career Fulfilment Framework, you can identify which of these areas is out of alignment and take steps to make improvements that will change the way you feel about your work. This may include looking for a new job, starting a side project or tweaking elements of your current role to maximise your happiness. 

For more information about the intricacies of the Career Fulfilment Framework, click here to see my recent blog post. 

How we can work together

There are two options for us to work together. Both options include a full comprehensive DISC Advanced Behavioural Profile, which is a fundamental part of understanding your behavioural style, preferences, strengths and development areas. We will use your DISC Advanced Behavioural Profile, along with The Career Fulfilment Framework, to put together a clear plan, with step by step actions for you to feel fulfilled in your career. 

Watch the video below for more information about how I used DISC Advanced and The Career Fulfilment Framework to help my clients achieve results. 

Strategy Session

  • 1 x comprehensive, 18 page DISC Advanced Report, which will uncover your behavioural style, preferences, strengths and development areas. (RRP $300 AUD)
  • 1 x 90 minute coaching session, in which we will unpack your DISC profile and talk about how you can use DISC to get a leg up in your career. 
  • 1 x follow up email, including an action plan for you to move forward and start showing up in your career. 

(Psst... because your DISC Advanced Behavioural Profile is valued at $300, you are getting a 90 minute coaching session for free!)

3 Month Coaching Package 

  • ​1 x comprehensive, 18 page DISC Advanced Report, which will uncover your behavioural style, preferences, strengths and development areas. (RRP $300 AUD)
  • 1 x 90 minute coaching session, in which we will unpack your DISC profile and talk about how you can use DISC to get a leg up in your career.
  • 5 x 60 minute coaching sessions (scheduled fortnightly), where we will explore the pillars of The Career Fulfilment Framework and your DISC Advanced Behavioural Profile to put together clear actions for you to take between sessions. 
  • Weekly email check ins and access to your own personalised coaching portal, where we can share information and access to resources that will help you on your journey to career fulfilment. 


I recently approached Bec and she was so patient and understanding to acknowledge my desperation in getting a job. She didn’t treat me as your average recruitment agencies would. She set my expectations straight about how I should be approaching these jobs and advised me about how to clean up and address my selection criteria responses. I had a whole new resume and cover letter after speaking to Bec. A few months later I had 3 different interviews with the public service for roles that I would have never thought of applying for. I am now currently being offered a role at *** and I have never been this confident (not cocky) at an interview before. To see the positive response I get from interviews is overwhelming.

IT Consultant

I approached Bec, having experienced difficulties getting to the interview stage of selection processes. Bec listened to my difficulties, sat me down and not only helped me format a new eye-catching resume, but explained to me why the changes she suggested were important to a potential interviewer.

Bec’s discussion with me about changes to my resume was very useful because when I got to interview, I was clear in my own mind about what I should discuss with the interviewer, what I should expand on from my resume, and what my strengths were.

As a result, I spoke more confidently and concisely than in the past and left the interview feeling I had presented the most employable version of myself.

I would happily recommend Bec to anyone who feels they are qualified for roles but isn’t sure how to catch the potential employer’s attention.

Public Servant

Thank you so much for your coaching, mentoring and the many things you have taught me. I have learnt so much from you, your blog and your expertise in writing the perfect cover letter and resume. I am so thankful for this and so much more, I really couldn't have made it to where I am without you! All the best x

Sales Manager


No worries. Let's jump on the phone together for 30 minutes and have a chat about what you are hoping to achieve and how I can help you get there. This is a great opportunity for us to suss each other out to see if we vibe and I can answer any questions you have about the coaching process. Best of all? There is absolutely no cost. Your discovery call will be totally free! Click here to book yourself straight into my calendar. Alternatively, you can email me at with any questions.