THE career clarity quest live!

Going to work every day shouldn't suck!

If you're feeling unmotivated, frustrated or unsatisfied in your job, there needs to be a change. and the key to that change is you!

Hello my friend, 

Do you suffer from these five symptoms of career mismatch? 

  • You feel guilty for hating your seemingly successful job
  • Your job silently sucks the energy out of you and leaves you frustrated
  • You want to love your job, yet you feel completely out-of-sync with your role
  • Your job brings good money and status, but you feel stuck and unmotivated
  • You are desperately craving something more meaningful and fulfilling

If you said "yes" at least once, you have probably ended up on the wrong career path. 

If you want to change that, join me on The Career Clarity Quest!

The Career Clarity Quest - Pop Your Career

The Career Clarity Quest

FREE 7 Day *live* Online Training for Women,
with an Experienced Career Coach

The first ever live round of The Career Clarity quest starts in:


Join the challenge and uncover: 

  • 4 different behavioural types - which one are you? Learn how your behavioural preferences affect your job satisfaction!
  • The source of frustration about your job and what really motivates you
  • What is really holding you back from achieving success in your career
  • What types of work suit you, and which you should avoid at all costs!
  • And a lot more!


  • 7 lessons over 7 days, with exercises developed to guide you through understanding your emotions, strengths, motivators, behavioural preferences, dreams, purpose, vision and values!
  • Daily Facebook Live video-lessons filled with tips and insights about improving your career satisfaction.
  • A free copy of my ebook, How to Define Your Purpose, Vision and Values (Then Use Them to Craft Your Perfect Career).
  • Access to the Pop Your Career newsletter and VIP portal containing loads of free resources to help you move forward in your career!
Rebecca McFarland - Pop Your Career

The face behind The Career Clarity Quest...

Hi there, I am Rebecca McFarland and I am the creator of Pop Your Career and The Career Clarity Quest. I have been working in human resources for over ten years and have helped hundreds of people, just like you, to find, secure and thrive in their dream careers. 

I'm looking forward to working with you for the next 7 days! Join me and 150 other women on the quest for true career fulfilment and satisfaction!

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