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Hey, I'm Bec. I help values-driven individuals find their own personal flavour of career fulfilment. Are you ready?

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Hey, I'm Bec. I help values-driven individuals find their own personal flavour of career fulfilment. Are you ready?

Enter your name and email address below to receive my weekly Wednesday newsletter, The Hump Day Digest, with tips and musings about how to achieve your career goals. 

My work has been published and quoted by local and international publications and media including: 

Enough about me for a sec. Tell me about yourself!

Select the option below that most closely relates to your situation - I'll show you some resources that might help!

I'm looking for a job

Are you looking for a new job? Perhaps you've decided it's time to move on from your current role, or maybe you're returning to the workforce after a break. Either way, it's important to present yourself effectively throughout your job search. I can help you with that!

I'm lost. What next?

If you're feeling lost or unsure which direction you want to head in your career, I want to assure you that you are NOT alone. Lacking clarity is very common and is something I have loads of experience supporting my clients with! Let's work out your next steps together.

I want to be a better leader

Not everyone was born to be a leader, but the good news is that if you are committed to doing better and being better, you can become the leader everyone wishes they had. The first question we address is "what kind of leader do you want to be?".

I want to improve my mindset

Suffering with imposter syndrome, low confidence, damaged self-esteem, unrelenting expectations, limiting beliefs or other mindset difficulties? It doesn't have to be this way. Let's ditch the beliefs that hold you back, and help you reach your full potential! 

I need help with a career challenge

Is something else bothering you? A personality conflict? Bullying or harassment? A troubling situation or a skill you're specifically looking to improve? Whatever it is, I'm here to help. And if additional external support is required, I'll be sure you get connected to the experts.

I'm keen to start a side-hustle

Are you looking for a new and different way to feel fulfilled in your career? Perhaps your job just isn't cutting it, or you're feeling like you have a greater purpose in the world? Side hustling is something I've got plenty of experience in. I can help you get started!

What my clients say about working with me...

I wouldn't have been in this position... if you hadn't helped me last year to work through my values, goals and self-confidence. I was at such a loss for what to do next and you were so wonderful in steering me in the right direction. I am forever grateful for your coaching. 


Public Servant

My coaching sessions with you helped me identify so much about myself and left me confident in my decision... I often think of our coaching sessions and find my self, subconsciously applying much of what we discussed. You helped me find clarity at a time when I was really lost, for which I’ll be eternally grateful. 


Public Servant

Working with (Bec) I was able to gain clarity about the type of work that I wanted to pursue and she provided invaluable support when I was applying for roles. I would highly recommend Bec as a career coach as she has a wealth of knowledge and is able to work with you to help you achieve your career goals.


Public Servant

Want to know a little more about me?

Jerry Maguire said it best. "Help me help you". It pretty much sums up my whole philosophy and I'm kicking myself that I didn't come up with it. 

I help people do better and be better in their careers. It's just what I do. And if you're here, I'm guessing you could probably do with some help. How can I say that with so much confidence? Well, because I have the knowledge, skills and experience to back me up. I also have a wicked sense of humour, some freakish intuition, a career coaching toolkit that Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor would envy and a tendency to drop references to pop culture... from the 80's and 90's.

Are you ready to work together?

Career Coaching

I offer 1:1 coaching packages and meet my clients in person (Canberra) or via Zoom. My career coaching packages also include support between sessions. 

Interview Prep

My interview preparation methodology has been tried and tested by hundreds of clients. Let's work to make sure you're as ready as you can be.

Online Programs

Don't have the funds for 1:1 coaching or prefer self-directed learning? I have several options available to support you with your next steps. 

In Person Events

Do you enjoy work-shops and other in-person events? So do I! I'm excited to offer regular work-shops in Canberra on topics to boost your career and mindset. 

Not sure which option is most suitable for you and your situation? Book a free 15 minute consult with me here

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Get your career questions answered and access a growing library of useful self-coaching resources to support you in popping your career! It's only $9 a month and you can cancel at any time. I know you'll love it! 

If you like your career advice fast and in abundance, the Pop Your Career Podcast is for you!

More kind words from my gorgeous clients...

Bec’s discussion with me about changes to my resume was very useful because when I got to interview, I was clear in my own mind about what I should discuss with the interviewer, what I should expand on from my resume, and what my strengths were. As a result, I spoke more confidently and concisely than in the past and left the interview feeling I had presented the most employable version of myself.


Public Servant

Bec was very helpful and gave me honest and useful feedback on my interview technique. She was able to put me in the shoes of the people interviewing me, so I could understand how to come across in the best possible way. She showed me better ways to present my work history, both in my CV and during an interview, to make it easier for me to show I had relevant skills and experience for the roles I wanted.


Public Servant

I... worked with (Bec) to improve my Resume and Cover Letter which helped me to better portray my skills and experience. She shared a number of great ideas and action points which helped me to think in the right direction. She is fun to work with and goes out of her way to help you achieve your goals. Would certainly recommend Bec to anyone looking to move up the career ladder or simply change their career.


Project Manager

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