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What is your why? (& Why you should know)

What is your why? Have you ever stopped to think about it? Define your purpose and use it to craft your dream career! ~ Pop Your Career

What is your why? This is a question that is kicking around a lot on the internet at the moment. I am seeing loads of small business owners and entrepreneurs talking about this topic in the sense of getting clear about why they started and continued to work in their own businesses. I think it is wonderful that this question is so in vogue and that people are reaching within to think about their core purpose when it comes to business ownership, as it is a question I like to explore with my coaching clients. That's right - you don't need to own a business to have a "why"!

Throughout my career, I have done a lot of work with individuals and companies about defining their purpose. You might be thinking that sounds strange, after all, most business' purpose would be to make money. Right? Well, actually that is not so. This question and its answers actually run a lot deeper than that and to illustrate this, I am going deeper too. In this post, not only will I talk about how to discover your purpose, but I am providing some insight into mine - both for me personally and for Pop Your Career!

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6 Reasons You Should Hire a Career Coach

Have you ever considered hiring a Career Coach? Do you even know what a Career Coach does? Check out this post for reasons we should connect!

Whenever you meet someone for the first time, you know this is inevitable. Within the first few minutes of your conversation, someone will ask "what do you do for work?" When this happens to me, of course I explain that I am a Career Coach and a lot of the time this is met with confused faces and one of these follow-up questions: "What is a Career Coach?" or "Why should I hire a Career Coach?"

Recently I have taken a little bit of a break from my business and by taking a step back I actually opened up my mind to a new flow of ideas. One thing that occurred to me is that maybe YOU have been asking yourself these questions about career coaching too! That's when I decided to write this post and provide you with 6 great reasons that you should consider working with a Career Coach.

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33 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Career

33 Things you can do today to improve your career ~ Pop Your Career

If you're anything like me, you know that there is always room to improve. Always! Even if you have already found your dream job or career, there are steps you can take to move forward - remember, if things stay the same for too long, you'll become stagnant!

Here is a list of 33 things that you can do today to improve your career. ​You can start at the beginning of this list and move through the items in order or pick one or two that take your fancy and start with those. The main thing is that you don't spend too much time thinking about it. Start making a change for the better today!

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12 Hot Tips for your next Phone Interview

Got a phone interview scheduled? Follow these tips to make sure you nail it!

Attending a phone interview for the first time can be quite intimidating, especially if you don't know what to expect. It can be tempting to treat a phone interview as less "formal" or "important" than a face to face interview and if that is where your head is at, your expectations are most likely incorrect. If you have a phone interview scheduled, do yourself a favour - follow these tips and go into your interview fully prepared and with the best chance of nailing it!

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9 Productivity Apps that will Improve Your Life and Biz

Don't you just love an awesome productivity app that helps you to get organised and stay organised? Here are 9 of my favourites!

Don't you just love an awesome app that helps you to get organised and stay organised? Well, I do! We are in a day and age where there are thousands and thousands of productivity apps available and they all profess to make our lives easier. What I have noticed though, is that it is difficult to distinguish between productivity apps and I spend a lot of time testing new apps in the hope that I will find my holy grail – that is not so great for my productivity!

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How to achieve Work Life Balance in 5 easy steps

Are you chasing the elusive Work Life Balance? Check out these tips to make it a lot easier to achieve!

So... you may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet around here lately... That is because I injured my arm. My right arm. The arm that does everything for me - including writing blog posts! There wasn't anything that I specifically did to injure it, but the pain got worse over a period of about a week. To cut a long story short, I eventually went to the doctor and he told me I have an ulnar nerve impingement. I was faced with a decision - continue pushing myself and face the prospect of surgery if my condition worsens or take a step back and take care of myself. I chose the latter. I contacted my clients and announced it on the Facebook page. I was taking a break!

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How to prepare for a job interview (With FREE checklist!)

Wondering how to prepare for a job interview? In this post, I share 9 easy to implement tips to make sure that you are 100% prepared for your interview!

Wondering how to prepare for a job interview? You are in the right place, my friend! Interview preparation is one of the most important parts of the process and can make or break your chances of securing your dream job. Effective preparation can not only help ensure that you present your best self in an interview, it can also make it easier to get those pesky interview nerves under control. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel and the less likely you will be to let your nerves affect your performance.

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Personal Presentation: Present Your Best Self at Interview

First impressions are everything so make sure your personal presentation is on point! It would be a shame to miss out on your dream job because you missed these tips!

So, you have scored yourself an interview and now you are wondering what to wear! Preparing your interview outfit is an important task that extends past the clothes you wear. Yes, your clothing choice is important, but you also need to consider your overall presentation and that includes being aware of your personal hygiene. Think you've got this covered? Don't be so certain. Everyone THINKS they have got this covered, yet people are still making the same mistakes. There is no judgement here, just check yourself before you wreck yourself. It would be a shame to miss out on your dream job because of something that is easily fixed.

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Is your job-seeking mindset turning off employers?

How would you describe your job-seeking mindset? If it is close to one of these four examples, you are probably turning off future employers!

Have you ever given any thought to how your job-seeking mindset could be perceived in an interview situation? Have you ever actually thought about what your job-seeking mindset might be? You know I have interviewed hundreds and hundreds of candidates throughout my career and there are a few mindsets that are quite common. You might think that your thoughts are your own, but as you will see in this post, what you are thinking is shining through in your interview - whether you like it or not!

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How to stop self-sabotage ruining your career

Self-sabotage is a career-killer. If self-sabotage is getting in the way of you achieving your career goals, you need to stamp that behaviour out for good!

Self-sabotage is a real career ruiner. In my last post, 6 Types of Self-Sabotage that are Affecting Your Career, I talked specifically about the 6 most common varieties of self-sabotage within the career space. This is a really important topic and I have seen so many people come unstuck because of self-sabotage. How would you feel knowing that you missed out on your dream career, or that it took twice as long to achieve your dreams because of something that you were doing? In this post I am going to take you through some strategies to stop self-sabotage from taking over your career.

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