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How to optimise your resume for career change

Are you thinking about a career change? Make sure you optimise your resume for the transition!

Last year I opened the first round of my e-course, Detox Your Resume, which was really well received! As part of the introduction to this course I asked all 80 first-round participants if there was anything in particular they wanted to know about creating a resume, with a plan to address as many of these questions as possible within the course.

Well, the results were overwhelming - the majority of responses I received were about changing career paths and optimising your resume for a career change. This is such a huge topic and I have indeed addressed the questions - to a point - within the Detox Your Resume course, but as this seems to be the very question on everyone's lips, I have decided to get all over it in more detail in this blog post!

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6 Types of self-sabotage that are affecting your career

Are you allowing self-sabotage to get in the way of your career? Could you recognise the signs? Here are 6 types of self-sabotage to kick to the kerb today!

Is self-sabotage stopping you from achieving your career goals? Would you even recognise it? Many of us are preventing ourselves from moving forward in our careers. For some reason, we are standing in the way of our own progress and preventing ourselves from achieving our true career goals. The first step to getting out of your own way is to understand some of the self-sabotage behaviours that can affect your career. In this post, I explain the 6 most common ways that self-sabotage is affecting your career along with some quick tips to kick self-sabotage to the kerb!

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Preparing for your Annual Performance Review

Your Annual Performance Review shouldn't be scary! Think of it as a development opportunity - use these tips to prepare so that it is a positive experience!

Annual performance reviews can be intimidating and not many people look forward to them. I think this is a shame. An annual performance review should be a development opportunity. It is a chance for you to reflect on your performance over the past 12 months. It is an opportunity for you to think about what you want to achieve in the future and garner the support of your employer. Your annual performance review should be a positive process, but just like anything, you will only reap the rewards if you put in the effort. Here are my tips for making the most of your annual performance review.

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Employee Referral Programs and Hard Decisions

Are you thinking about referring a friend for a job with your employer? Read this post before you decide!

I know what it is like. You have a job you love with a company that really takes care of you. Your friend wants a job with a company that really takes care of him. Your employer is recruiting and they may even have an attractive employee referral program. It seems like a match made in heaven. But before you call yourself “Cupid” and reach for your bow and arrow, you should think long and hard about whether this is the right decision for you. If you are thinking about submitting your mate’s details for a job with your employer, keep this advice in mind.

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Going Digital: Creating a Personal Website

Creating a personal website is a great way to show off your portfolio and build your personal brand. It's a digital age - don't get left behind!

I have been talking a lot lately about building your personal brand and in this post I am focusing on going digital and creating your personal website. A personal website or online portfolio is fabulous for getting noticed, building connections and tapping into a new network of opportunities. It is a great way to build your profile, even when you haven't yet had the opportunity to meet your potential employer for an interview.

By creating an online presence you can actively promote yourself to a wider audience and can tailor your content to specifically suit the types of businesses that you are trying to get the attention of. Here are just a couple of things you should consider when you are creating your personal website:

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How to create a professional portfolio for any industry

Create a professional portfolio to impress potential employers and develop your personal brand. Use these tips and tricks to secure your dream position!

Last weekend I had coffee with two lovely ladies who asked for some advice on developing a professional portfolio. I must admit - I got a little excited about it! A portfolio can be such an amazing tool for showing off your mad skills and cementing your personal brand. Personal branding is something that I have touched on before and it is becoming more and more important in this competitive job market. Having the qualifications is no longer enough to score that sweet job. Employers these days are looking for candidates with strong values, a brand that aligns with their business and a willingness to hustle, baby! Your portfolio is the perfect way to demonstrate that you have those three things. Not sure where to start? That's why you have me! Here are some awesome tips for creating your own professional portfolio.

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The Hidden Job Market: How to use it to get your dream role

The hidden job market is growing quickly. Learn how to tap into this market to find the vacancies that aren't being advertised and get your dream job!

In my last post, 5 Networking tips that won't make you cringe, I mentioned the Hidden Job Market and how loads of job vacancies are being filled without being advertised. I am following up today to introduce some other ways that you can tap into the hidden job market and promote yourself to a broader audience - without it feeling icky!

When most of us are looking for a new career opportunity, the first thing we do is head online to a well-known job platform and start searching. But what happens if your dream job isn't advertised? Do you shrug your shoulders and give up the search - "maybe the timing is not right...” Do you become a job advert stalker and check back 10 times a day just in case your dream job suddenly becomes available? Some of you might even relinquish your dream and apply for something you just aren't that into, because you feel like you need a change.

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5 Networking tips that won’t make you cringe

5 Networking Tips That Won't Make You Cringe

Networking events can such be a great way to develop contacts and strong working relationships with influencers in your industry. The hidden job market is becoming even more prominent and according to Youth Central Victoria, 75-80% of job vacancies are not even being advertised. It is not always what you know, but instead can be about who you know!

Perhaps you think networking events just aren’t your thing (hello fellow introverts!) or maybe you aren’t sure how to get started – it can be pretty strange if you are entering this unchartered territory for the first time. Here are 5 networking tips that (hopefully) won’t make you cringe.

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How to write a Resignation Letter (Everything you need to know!)

Congratulations! You secured your perfect job and you are over the moon. But now what?

I regularly get asked for advice about this topic - How to Write a Resignation Letter. It is one of those things that you want to do right, but as it isn’t something you do often, it can be a little confusing. How do you do it, what do you need to include and how should you put it all together? I have all the answers for you, my dear! I have even included a download link for a free resignation letter template - today must be your lucky day!

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