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In addition to sharing posts on the Pop Your Career site, I sometimes also write for other publications. I have included a handful of my posts on other sites below. Need someone to write for your website or career advice blog? I could be your girl! Please send me an email at hello@popyourcareer.com and we can discuss your requirements. 

Want to know what is going through my head when my boss tells me that I am wasting my talents? If you want the spoiler alert, I can tell you upfront that I do not take kindly to this type of feedback! This piece is very different to my usual writing and I really enjoyed taking the veil off and writing a story that is quite personal and real! 

Salary is just one of the benefits you receive as an employee and the other benefits should not be forgotten. After all, it might be worth sacrificing a small amount of money to ensure that some of your higher value needs are being met, like flexible working, allowances, team culture or career opportunities. 

Heading into your next salary negotiation and not quite sure where to start? I hear you. Salary negotiation can be super nerve racking and that's why I am pleased to share some of my best tips on what to do and what not to do when you are negotiating your salary for a new role, or you are negotiating a pay increase with your current employer. 

I have heard this term, "the outgoing introvert", or "extraverted introvert" so much and I guess it peeves me a little. Introversion and extraversion is all about energy and just because you are an introvert, it doesn't mean you can't be outgoing. In this post though, I share my thoughts about DISC behavioural profiling and suggest that perhaps what you are witnessing is a "people-focused introvert". 

If you have been thinking about heading overseas for work, there is a lot to think about. In this post that I shared with my friend, Faari, I have outlined my top eight tips for finding your dream job overseas. Some of these tips may seem a little basic, but I can promise you, they are commonly overlooked and well worth the mention. 

You know I am not backwards in coming forwards. There are some fonts that should just NEVER be seen on a resume and for the first time I have come out and put together my list of the top ten fonts you should avoid like the plague when designing your resume. Check it out and don't forget to download the free ebook, which tells you which fonts are a better choice!

In October 2015 I sustained an injury to my neck and shoulder and I am still recovering. Over time I have seen a barrage of healthcare professionals and despite them trying their hardest, they have not been able to fix me! Although it has been frustrating, I have also learned quite a few valuable lessons and in this post, I am sharing them. 

There is so much stigma about entrepreneurs having jobs as well as businesses. This feeling gets so much worse when an entrepreneur is considering going back to a job, after working for themselves. The thing is, having a job doesn't make you a failure. It's time we knocked this myth on the head and started celebrating entrepreneurs regardless of where their primary income comes from, or how hard they are hustling.