My favourite books and resources for your career, life and business

Here is a collection of my favourite books and resources relating to personal and professional development. Although most of them are directly and obviously related to your career, there are some connections that may be a little less obvious, as I have included books that relate to confidence, mindset and life in general, as these can all have a significant impact on your career fulfilment. If you have any books that you think I should read and review, please get in touch and let me know!


If you are a career woman and you want to have it all, read this book. You'll soon learn that having it all is a myth, but there are still ways you can be successful AND happy. 

The Desire Map by Dannielle LaPorte - One of my favourite books for your career ~ Pop Your Career

The Desire Map helps you to set goals based on how you want to feel, rather than what you "want".
I love this book and it makes a fabulous gift, though make sure you get yourself a copy too!

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin - One of my favourite books for your career ~ Pop Your Career

The Happiness Project introduced me to the idea of goals vs resolutions and I enjoyed reading about how Gretchen introduced resolutions into her life with the overall goal of happiness.

You Are Enough by Cassie Mendoza-Jones - One of my favourite books for your career ~ Pop Your Career

I actually won a copy of You Are Enough, through a competition run by Chloe from One Infinite Life. This is what I am reading now - I am loving it, but will update you when I am finished!


Carrie's story and is truly inspiring. If you are starting a side hustle, you should definitely add this book to your reading list. 

I enjoyed the stories in this book and it was interesting to see how different creatives plan and manage their businesses. 

Kelly's writing always offers very real, practical advice and this book is no different. She shares loads of tips for making business easier. 

Dan has a very no-BS writing style. The 7-day startup maps everything out for you if you are planning to start a business and he offers great advice. 

If you are starting a teaching or coaching business, this is a great starting point. It was a little basic for me, but I enjoyed the later chapters. 

Productivity and organisation

Your Best Year Ever - My favourite books and resources ~ Pop Your Career

I always enjoy Kelly's books, because her writing style is no-fuss, straight to the point and she incorporates stories from her own life. Her productivity tips aren't just pie in the sky, they are proven!

Girlboss - My favourite books and resources ~ Pop Your Career

Whether you are thinking about starting your own business or not, you should consider reading #Girlboss. Sophia's story of starting and growing her business is a true inspiration.

Create or Hate - My favourite books and resources ~ Pop Your Career

Dan Norris doesn't muck about. Create or Hate is a collection of short points in the form of chapters, to remind you how important the act of creation is. It is a quick read and well worth it.

The Conquer Kit - My favourite books and resources ~ Pop Your Career

I am a sucker for a workbook and this one doesn't disappoint. If you are new to business, you should invest in The Conquer Kit. It has loads of exercises and ideas to help you grow your passion. 

life and mindset

I had resisted reading this book for a long time because I'm not a morning person. Well, I wasn't. After reading this, I am excited about my own Miracle Morning!

I loved this book. Everything about it. Jen's writing is relatable and there are so many amazing, practical lessons about mindset and spirituality, without too much "woo-woo".

After reading this, I am so much clearer about the things in my life that are important, and those that I need to let go. There's a lot of swearing, but this book is seriously EPIC!

I didn't think this book was going to be for me, but boy, was I wrong. So much great business and life inspiration and motivation, but you don't need a business to enjoy this one. 

Wow. I am so inspired to start working with the moon. The idea of yin and yang working cycles sounds so much more sensible than my current "bat out of hell" method!

This book is a long term favourite of mine that I'm always going back to. If you are prepared to do the internal work, this book includes so many thoughtful and reflective questions. 

If you have fear in your life (don't we all?) this is a great book that offers sage advice for embracing your fear and hugging the monster. It holds a special place in my bookshelf. 

As with Kelly's other books, this one provides practical tips, as well as an insight into perfectionist tendencies. It is an easy read and well worth it!

I didn't love A Simplified Life. I think I would have gotten more from it if I had a family. There were, however, some great reminders, so I don't consider it a write-off. 

As a HSP myself, I thought I would love this. I didn't though. If you're a HSP I would encourage you to give it a go, but don't expect tips, tricks or advice - it offers more of an explanation into why you are who you are. 

I quite like Elizabeth's copywriting and have one of her courses, so it made sense to read this. I would have liked more life lessons, but I am a bit of a self-help junkie!

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