Side Hustling

5 Side Projects That Don’t Involve a Hustle

Thinking about starting something on the side of your day job, but not in the mood for a hustle? Here are 5 side projects that can help you find genuine fulfilment - no hustle required! ~ Pop Your Career

You may have heard the term "side hustle" in your rounds on the internet. Traditionally, a side hustle is a form of entrepreneurship that you take up on the side of your day job. You might do this in the hopes of eventually giving up your 9-5. Perhaps you are looking for a way to make a little extra cash or maybe you just need to fill your creative cup.

Personally, I am a huge advocate of the side hustle but only because it fits into my lifestyle. For some of you, the idea of hustling in your spare time might scare you to pieces or bore you to tears and that is okay! In this post I am sharing 5 side projects that you can take up to improve your fulfilment and I promise you, there is no hustling involved.

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5 Tips when clarifying your side hustle idea

5 Tips for Clarifying Your Side Hustle Idea ~ Pop Your Career

The "Side Hustle" is becoming a more and more popular concept and there is a lot more information online helping Side Hustlers to settle into the world of small business and entrepreneurship. A lot of this information really glamorises the life of being a Side Hustler and can sometimes fail to mention the ups and downs - emotional, financial, physical and otherwise - that are involved in the side hustling journey.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think side hustling (starting your own business on the side of your day job) is a fantastic idea, not just as a way to make extra money, but also as an outlet for your skills and passions that aren't addressed by your main gig. I have learned so much since starting Pop Your Career, not only about business, but also about myself and it is a path that I encourage others to take if they are looking for similar fulfilment. What I will say, is that if you are thinking about starting your own side hustle, you should be smart about it. In this post I am sharing 5 very important things that you should consider when clarifying your side hustle idea.

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