testimonials from my clients


I can't highly recommend Bec enough because she is such an amazing career coach. She doesn't only help you with your career but also the way you see things. She has helped me change my mindset and headspace which has helped with my confidence and the way I view things.

Bec is very professional, friendly and detailed in all the work that she does. She also makes things fun so you are really motivated in working towards improving your career pathway. Her workshops are awesome too and lots of fun.

Thanks for all the work you've done with me!

Ina - Public Servant/Photographer

I first met Becca 3 years ago when i was doing my first job as an administration assistant Becca was my supervisor. As i was only 14 at the time I was very shy and not sure how to even undertake administration tasks. Becca was very excellent she explained everything and showed me examples. Becca and I have maintained our friendship and she has been very supportive and helped me through the horrible teenage years. Becca is a very kind but firm person who always puts everything into perspective. I have grown more confident and more street wise from having Becca in my life.

Emily - Executive Assistant

Insights Bec shared at the Hidden Job Market workshop was really valuable. I also worked with her to improve my Resume and Cover Letter which helped me to better portray my skills and experience. She shared a number of great ideas and action points which helped me to think in the right direction. She is fun to work with and goes out of her way to help you achieve your goals. Would certainly recommend Bec to anyone looking to move up the career ladder or simply change the career.

Anonymous - Project Manager

Bec was amazing from start to finish with my resume and cover letter, everything was completely seamless and I now have a resume and cover letter I love and all it took was one 15 minute phone call! Bec's way with words is fantastic! I would hire me in a flash! Thanks Bec

Samantha - Brand Rep

Bec was fantastic to work with. With short notice Bec revamped my resume and selection criteria. Bec is very professional in her services, has a wealth of career knowledge and made me feel at ease and confident in my job application.


Hi Bec
At the start of the year you helped me with my resume and selection criteria for a Senior Officer role. Unfortunately I was not successful for that position at the time but I have great news! I reused the application, with a few changes utilising the STAR tips you gave me, to address the new selection criteria and yesterday I was offered and I accepted the promotion!! Thank you again for assisting me with my career development.

Anonymous - Senior Officer

I contacted Bec when I was at a cross road with my career. Working with her I was able to gain clarity about the type of work that I wanted to pursue and she provided invaluable support when I was applying for roles. I would highly recommend Bec as a career coach as she has a wealth of knowledge and is able to work with you to help you achieve your career goals.

Anonymous - Public Servant

After staying in a job that I hated for much longer than I should have, I took a risk and resigned. I’d been with the same organisation for four years and my C.V was out of date and pretty messy. I knew I had to do something about it but just didn’t know where to start and needing a job ASAP, I started sending it out to prospective employers. After not even receiving one bite, I contacted Becca and she reviewed and revamped my tired old resume. I applied for a position with my new C.V, was contacted within 5 minutes, interviewed within the hour and was subsequently offered the role! Becca really knows her stuff and I couldn’t recommend her more. Thanks a lot!

Steve - Customer Service

I’m so glad I made the decision to employ Rebecca’s services when I was applying for a new job. She fleshed out my basic resume and took it from a shopping list of skills to a detailed summary of what I had to offer a new role. She helped write my selection criteria in a way that was dynamic and engaging. Rebecca is a master with words and understanding what employers are looking for in the job market. She took the stress out of applying for a job.

I would absolutely recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for a job or discuss their employment options.

Grace - Photographer

Wow! This woman is amazing. She gives her all to help you move forward in your career and your life. She has helped me to not only secure a new position but to trust that I have the skills and resources to secure future opportunities. She has also helped me to rediscover where my true passion lies. She has picked me up, nudged me down very cool new paths, shown me my true value and is such an inspiration for how I want to live my life. Thank you isn’t enough to show just how grateful I am for all that Bec has done for me in the last 12 months.

Louise - Public Servant

Thank you so, so much for this!... This is really, really helpful. I’d never considered how I could connect better and just always thought it was hard for me to adequately explain on paper the value I bring! I will absolutely be taking these tips on and again, am so thankful!...I know your advice along with others helped me to re-think my next step and pitch my strengths when they called to discuss the role.

Maureen - Operations Manager

Rebecca was very helpful and gave me honest and useful feedback on my interview technique. She was able to put me in the shoes of the people interviewing me, so I could understand how to come across in the best possible way. She showed me better ways to present my work history, both in my CV and during an interview, to make it easier for me to show I had relevant skills and experience for the roles I wanted. Thanks for your help, Bec!

Sam - Public Servant

Rebecca has a fantastic eye for detail and getting the right resume to suit your personality as her services and packages are outstanding. Pop Your Career’s professional manner will make you stand out from the crowd.

Emma-Jane - Healer and Blogger at Emma-JaneWatson.com

My experience with Bec was truly helpful.
I imagined I had Imposter Syndrome. Bec discovered it was something entirely different.
This resulted in me acknowledging my real limiting beliefs. Bec's saved me years of soul-searching in the wrong place.
If you need to identify the mindsets holding you back, Bec’s your girl.
Thumbs up to PoppingYourCareer!

Jude Lockhart - Freelance Writer and Editor

What a wonderful service Bec at Pop Your Career provides! Bec’s warm and encouraging personality with her proactive and spot on expertise assisted me when I was feeling stuck, not knowing where to start with my next career move. I encourage anyone who needs a lot or even a little help with their professional life to book in time with Bec, as she is an endless fountain of valuable information and career tips.

Anonymous - Manager

I approached Bec, having experienced difficulties getting to the interview stage of selection processes. Bec listened to my difficulties, sat me down and not only helped me format a new eye-catching resume, but explained to me why the changes she suggested were important to a potential interviewer.

Bec’s discussion with me about changes to my resume was very useful because when I got to interview, I was clear in my own mind about what I should discuss with the interviewer, what I should expand on from my resume, and what my strengths were.

As a result, I spoke more confidently and concisely than in the past and left the interview feeling I had presented the most employable version of myself.

I would happily recommend Bec to anyone who feels they are qualified for roles but isn’t sure how to catch the potential employer’s attention.

Tom - Public Servant

So, on Friday I was offered a p/t job... Totally stoked! Thank you so much for your support getting back into the job world. It’s been a massive stress on my mind for a year or so now, so am SO pleased to have got my foot in the door.

Kristen - Administration Officer

I would highly recommend Bec, for her expertise in writing up selection criteria for any position you apply for. Her consulting expertise was excellent as she knew where I was coming from, especially where my long career and my disability is concerned.

Helen - Administration Assistant

Rebecca helped me with an Expression of Interest. She really has a way with words. She is professional and knows exactly what she is doing. I will definitely be using her services in the future. Oh, I got the job!! Thanks Bec!

Amanda - Manager

I engaged Bec to guide me with my potential career choices based on my life experience and found her extremely personable and professional. Bec's attention to detail, certainty and coaching was a confidence booster in gaining clarity in stepping up to all things possible and practical. Her step by step approach was fabulous, in particular for me to see I was progressing.

In summary, Bec's coaching has re-instilled by inner confidence and reiterated my skills and attributes that are worthy of sharing and giving back to the community.

Gabby - Business manager and creator

Working with Bec from Pop Your Career was a breeze. Her friendly, easy to talk to nature made it an easy process and she had ideas I hadn't even considered which was great! I purchased the resume service and I could not be more happy with the outcome! I would 100% recommend Bec and her services for those looking to boost their careers.


Absolutely amazing! Highly recommend Pop Your Career to anyone who is looking for information or help to get the most from their career. Recently had my resume and short response done with Bec and the results are outstanding. Thanks Bec!


I was lucky enough to meet Bec recently and she seemed to show up in my life with divine timing. I had just moved and was looking for work and potentially a change in career.

I have just completed her ‘Detox Your Resume’ online course (I hadn’t changed my resume in over 6 years!). This self paced course was the answer to my prayers. I not only learnt how to make my resume visually appealing to stand out from the crowd, but also how to appropriately tailor the language and structure I used to the specific industry I was seeking to enter. Packed full of amazing content, fantastic ‘cheat sheets’ and useful resources, this is the course that just keeps giving.

Johanna - Nanny and Blogger at Adventures of Jo

Rebecca shows you how your resume and applications can work better for you by bringing the focus onto your practical achievements and skills relevant to the industry. I ended up with a more professional looking and better flowing resume that stands out from the first paragraph.

John - Finance Officer

Thank you so much for your coaching, mentoring and the many things you have taught me. I have learnt so much from you, your blog and your expertise in writing the perfect cover letter and resume. I am so thankful for this and so much more, I really couldn't have made it to where I am without you! All the best x

Natalie - Sales Manager

I received Bec's business card from a friend of mine. If a friend asked me what it was like to work with Bec, I will give them Bec's business card that was given to me by my friend. The card that is a gift that keeps on giving. I contacted Bec to get a review of my resume. We organised a time to meet and the insights that I received from Bec in our face to face discussion was very valuable. She drafted me a new resume and I was surprise at the creativity in the way she organised a well structured resume.

To call Bec a career coach does not encapsulate the service that she provided. I felt like I was speaking to a mentor who understands not just surface issues but also at the human level.

Anonymous - Legal Officer

Bec completed a Resume Audit for me after I had completed her 7 day Detox Your Resume program. I was really impressed to receive a large report back with so much valuable information broken down into each section of my resume. Bec not only helped me with mistakes and gave feedback on layout and content, she also provided useful strategies that got me thinking outside the box. She helped me to realise how important it is to include only specific information relevant to the job I am applying for and suggested I have two separate resumes.

Bec's support and guidance has empowered me to take ownership of my resume and taught me how to strategically think about each job I am applying for and to make my resume reflect that. This skill has given me so much clarity confidence when putting together an application for a job. I also don't dread doing up applications anymore as Bec makes it fun and makes me want to present the best paper version of myself!

Honor - Safety Expert and Creator of Real Yum

Around 20 months ago, I was at a crossroads where I feared my career was stalling. I reached out to Bec of Pop Your Career for some advice and mentoring. We discussed my work history, and strategized some resume writing and interview techniques. We did some roll-play using the STAR Interview Method, and I partook a DISC Profile questionnaire. Together, we strengthened my responses to interview questions by better structuring my answers, and refining my talking points based on the personality traits of my interviewers.

I did not get the job which motivated me to reach out to Bec. But I did win the jobs of my second and fourth interview, and my career is back on track. Right now I work with a richly experienced and very high calibre team in a prominent Federal Government Department in an area expecting a lot of growth, and I am receiving the upskilling I desperately need. I am happy doing what I am doing and the pay is good too.

Matt - Public Servant

Becca - just wanted to let you know that I am loving your Detox Your Resume course! The fear of 'doing my resume' kept me for far too long in a job that I no wanted to be part of. You make it look easy ? Thanks!!

Loz - Health and Life Coach

I signed up with Pop Your Career hoping to get some more direction and certainty for my career. What I got was a whole life makeover! Over three sessions, Bec helped me focus my attention on not just career satisfaction, but life satisfaction. I finished my sessions with more confidence, clarity and most importantly calmness about my career and work life balance. I can't recommend Bec more highly.

Emma - Communications

I recently approached Bec and she was so patient and understanding to acknowledge my desperation in getting a job. She didn’t treat me as your average recruitment agencies would. She set my expectations straight about how I should be approaching these jobs and advised me about how to clean up and address my selection criteria responses. I had a whole new resume and cover letter after speaking to Bec. A few months later I had 3 different interviews with the public service for roles that I would have never thought of applying for. I am now currently being offered a role at *** and I have never been this confident (not cocky) at an interview before. To see the positive response I get from interviews is overwhelming.

Dylan - IT Consultant