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How Microlearning Can Level Up Your Knowledge

In this day and age, everything seems to be moving at a rapid speed. Not to mention the career market, new interests in hobbies, and technology. Luckily, throughout the years, the internet has accumulated various free resources.


From podcasts to YouTube videos, the majority of things you’d like to learn about are right at your fingertips — you just may need to learn how to use them to your advantage. This is where microlearning comes into play.

Microlearning is a learning process that breaks topics into highly specific lessons. This allows learners to build understanding and confidence at their own pace. Not only that, but lessons are tailored to your needs to help users retain more information. Most lessons can be learned while traveling, driving, or even when your completing tedious tasks around your living area. To learn more about how to start microlearning on the go, and what it could do for you, check out Mint’s infographic below!

A Note from Bec about Microlearning

Are you interested in microlearning? As a business owner, I've found micro learning to be a huge way to grow and develop. But it isn't just for business owners. I recommend micro learning to all of my career coaching clients and often provide additional resources for them to consume. The beauty of this approach is that unlike formal study, it doesn't need to encroach on your every day life and can instead be something to look forward to. 

How Microlearning Can Level Up Your Knowledge


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