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I Had My Career Astrology Chart Read… Here’s What Went Down

Last week I had my career astrology chart done to explore what's in store for my career in 2017 and beyond. I know this sort of thing isn’t for everyone. It also varies from the usual information I provide at Pop Your Career.


But I have been getting to know a few of you through my email list and I know that there are quite a few readers out there who appreciate looking at things in a different light.

If this sort of thing isn’t for you, that’s cool. My next post will be back to providing you with super practical advice about improving your resume. But if you are intrigued by the idea of using astrology to guide your career or business, then read on. I’ll tell you all about it!

How it all came about

While perusing one of the Facebook Groups I am a member of, I came across the absolutely glorious Natalie from Soulshine Astrology. Natalie mentioned her Career Alchemy sessions, in which she walks her clients through their astrological birth chart. She particularly focuses on the career astrology chart and elements for career and business.

Now, y’all who know me know that I am a little bit woo-woo. So, when Natalie offered me the opportunity to try one of her Career Alchemy Sessions, I jumped at the chance. Like, full on jumped up and down with my arms waving in the air!

Taking the first step in getting my career astrology chart read

When I booked my session with Natalie, I was asked to complete a really quick questionnaire. She asked me for the date, time and place of my birth. Natalie also asked me for the date Pop Your Career was born into the world, as well as details of my husband’s birth, so that she could check our charts against each other.

A couple of days before our meeting was scheduled, Natalie sent through a reminder for our session as well as a copy of my birth chart. I am no astrologer and I can honestly tell you that this thing made absolutely no sense to me. But my gosh, it is so beautiful! It was also really handy to have the chart in front of me so that I could look at it during our session.

The Career Alchemy Session

As soon as I jumped on the phone with Natalie, I was immediately relaxed. I'm a huge introvert and usually feel a little nervous energy when connecting with strangers for the first time. But this was just like chatting with an old friend. I found myself laughing throughout our session as Natalie told me intricate details about my personality and behaviour. Some of her comments were so accurate it was a little embarrassing!

I spent an hour on the phone with Natalie discussing my career astrology chart. During the call she not only provided me with a huge amount of information about my birth chart. She also answered my questions, which were mostly about the future of Pop Your Career and a secret project my husband and I are working on. Natalie never skipped a beat. She answered all of my questions without hesitation and offered loads of value, suggestions and even a few more friendly giggles!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my Career Alchemy Session with Natalie and look forward to catching up with her again. I'll definitely be seeking more advice and encouragement throughout the future of my career. Because of this, I feel compelled to share this story with you. If any of the following situations resonate with you, you might consider having your own career astrology chart read!

Consider exploring your career astrology chart if…

1. You are wanting to explore your woo-woo, but you are straddling the fence between spirituality and practicality

Are you feeling the woo-woo calling and you are just not sure how to handle it? I know how you feel. I have been resisting it my whole life and have only recently opened the door. (And boy has it been rushing in!).

One of the things that really interested me about astrology is that it is a lot more practical that many other methods. You can’t argue with the sun and the moon, right? I like the fact that with astrology, it is mathematical. Once your birth chart is created, the facts are there in front of you. And although they require some interpretation and intuition, you're not solely relying on someone else to deliver a message.

I have seen psychics and had my tarot read. I even had my palm read in India and although I enjoyed each of those experiences, my Career Alchemy Session seemed a lot less “out there” and a lot more rooted in data. If you're interested in dipping your toe in the waters of woo-woo, then I’d say that having your career astrology chart read is such a good start.

2. You are curious about astrology and would like to see if elements of your personality or behaviour are “written in the stars”

You have probably taken online personality tests or you may have even had your DISC behavioural profile done (if not, let’s talk!). But your astrological birth chart takes things to a whole new level. It not only explains specific traits, but also shifts in energy and changes over time!

When having my career astrology chart read, Natalie and I discussed the polarisation of my personality and the way it showed up in my chart. Reflecting back on our discussion, it occurred to me that this has always been something that has intrigued me about my INFJ Myers Briggs Type Indicator result, where I have some extreme opposite tendencies.

I found it really helpful to explore this with Natalie and appreciated her further explaining what is happening in my chart right now and in the future. My chart won’t decide my future plans for my career and business. But I will be conscious of a few special times that Natalie highlighted, for major change and increased motivation and energy! I'll definitely be using Natalie’s guidance when planning for the future.

3. You are feeling a little stuck in your career and are willing to consider a non-conventional way of exploring your options

I know what it is like to feel stuck in your career and I know that it is a common theme for my clients. Obviously, as a Career Coach, I am a huge advocate of talking it out, seeking advice, making intentional changes and striving towards goals. What I also know, is that if you are open to non-conventional methods, looking into your career astrology chart could provide some additional insight. Or may provide you with additional ideas about how to manage your situation.

Natalie won’t tell you exactly what to do. That’s not the way your Career Alchemy Session works. She will, however, provide you with guidance, make suggestions and provide you with hope. If that's what you need.

My final thoughts

I went into my Career Alchemy Session hoping that I would get some confirmation that I am on the right path with my entrepreneurial projects. Although I didn’t tell Natalie that was my aim, she delivered with some positive news, encouragement and details of the elements of my personality and behaviour that will best support me on my journey.

I appreciated Natalie’s kind and cautious words though as she reminded me of my internal preferences to ensure security and stability before making any great leaps.

If the Career Alchemy Session sounds like something you would be interested in or you have any further questions, then get in touch with Natalie! If you want to chat about my experience with having my career astrology chart read, you can email me your questions and we can set up a time to chat. I hope you enjoy your Career Alchemy Session as much as I did!

P.S. Just a quick note to let you know that Natalie did not ask me to write this post. Nor did she provide me any payment or incentive for sharing her work. I was simply called to share her services with you as another way for you to explore your search for career fulfilment.


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