Using the internet to boost your career opportunities

Using the Internet to Boost Your Career Opportunities

Whether you’re looking for a pay rise or climbing the corporate ladder, the internet is a powerful tool when it comes to looking for career opportunities.

With the right online activity, you can enhance your employability and secure the role of your dreams. So, why wait? Take a look at 4 ways the internet can boost your career opportunities. Start moving forwards now.


1. Online learning

Obtaining postgraduate qualifications used to mean taking a lengthy sabbatical from work, which most people couldn’t afford to do. With online learning, however, you can combine your studies with full-time work and reap the benefits. The MBA Discovery Facebook page shows just how easy it is to enroll in respected digital courses. With some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world now offering online learning options, you can boost your career opportunities and reach your academic potential. 

Alternatively, you may consider undertaking more informal learning through one of the many ecourses available on the internet. If you have a business or you're thinking about starting a side hustle, you might want to check out some of my online course offerings.

2. Broaden your network

Although the recruitment process must be fair, equal, and open to all, having a varied network of contacts will ensure you hear about upcoming vacancies and career opportunities. While knowing someone at a particular company might not guarantee you an interview with the firm, it certainly won’t harm your chances when you apply for a position. 

The internet is a great place to connect with other people in your industry. As well as using dedicated professional platforms, you can use social media to engage with others and highlight your credentials. 

For more information about this, you might want to check out this post I wrote about The Hidden Job Market. 

3. Enhance your reputation

Personal reputation management is something that many professionals overlook but it’s increasingly important in a digital age. Think of yourself as a brand. In order to secure the best career opportunities, you need to increase awareness of that brand and associate it with positive attributes. 

The internet gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand value and build a reputation within your industry. From sharing relevant content to writing guest blogs for well-known sites, you can share your expertise with others and put your name on the map when you use the internet to enhance your personal reputation. Take a look at this post about personal websites for some inspiration!

4. Get notified when opportunities arise

Scouring the internet for suitable opportunities could take days or even weeks but setting notifications will ensure you’re made aware of suitable vacancies as soon as they’re posted. This makes your search far less time-intensive and streamlines the process of applying for new roles. 

Careers and job sites often have their own notification options, so simply sign up and tell them what you want to hear about. However, Google and other search engines also enable users to register for notifications. When you’re receiving relevant notifications from every corner of the internet, you’re sure to find your next career opportunity sooner than you think. 

boost your career opportunities

Finding the right job opportunities requires a strategic and proactive approach. The right role won’t necessarily come looking for you but, with these handy tips, you can ensure you’re on the right track. By creating and promoting your own personal brand, enhancing your skills with online learning, and connecting with industry peers, you can boost your career opportunities and secure the role you’ve always wanted. 

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Bec McFarland is an experienced HR practitioner, manager, career coach and the creator of Pop Your Career. She delights in sharing practical, straight to the point career advice, spending time with her family and eating Mexican food.

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