9 Resume Design Tricks To Help You Stand Out From The Crowd ~ Pop Your Career

9 Resume Design Tricks to Help You Stand Out From the Crowd

By Bec | Changing Your Job or Career Path

Is your resume looking a little bland? Having trouble standing out when submitting job applications? Feeling like perhaps your resume is more like a beat up old wreck than a super shiny red sportscar? I hear this problem a lot and I see it even more often when assessing job applications. But never fear. In this post, I am sharing 9 different resume design tricks to help your resume stand out in a pile of boring black and white documents. I’ve got your back, my friend.

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Looking for tips on how to manage your personal brand online? Look no further! Use the tips in this post to make sure your online personal brand is on point! - Pop Your Career

How to Manage Your Personal Brand Online

By Tash | Improving Your Current Career , Productivity and Goal Setting

When we talk about branding, we typically think of businesses and the way they promote themselves and their products. On the other hand, the phrase ‘personal branding’ is increasingly being bandied about. But what is personal branding? And why is it important for our careers? Read this post for more information about managing your personal brand online!

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6 Reasons You Should Join The Career Clarity Quest Today! ~ Pop Your Career

6 Reasons To Sign Up for The Career Clarity Quest

By Bec | Changing Your Job or Career Path , Confidence, Mindset and Behaviour , Improving Your Current Career

Do you know what your strengths are in your career? I mean, do you really know and understand what you are good at and why? Do you have a high level of self-awareness about which of your work tasks burn through your energy faster than a lit match, and which tasks help you to feel more exhilarated? Do you recognize how important it is to know where you need to develop and how to put an action plan in place to succeed?

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The STAR Method- How to Use It To Get Ahead In Your Career ~ Pop Your Career

The STAR Method: Get ahead in your career

By Bec | Changing Your Job or Career Path , Improving Your Current Career

Have you heard of the STAR Method? It is a popular tool for writing job applications and presenting interview responses, but when mastered, it can actually be used in other career-enhancing situations as well. So, let’s break it down. In this post, I am going to explain what the STAR method is, how you can become better at using it and I am also sharing four different situations where the STAR method can help you get ahead in your career.

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Not sure whether to include an objective section in your resume? In this post, I have included loads of tips as well as practical examples of when an objective section will serve you in your job search! ~ Pop Your Career

When to include an objective section in your resume (and when to ditch it!)

By Bec | Changing Your Job or Career Path

A question that I am often asked is whether or not you should include an objective section in your resume. Personally, I am not a fan of including an objective – you might have heard me say before that it seems a little redundant, as most of the time, your objective is to get the role that you are applying for. There are some cases, however, when an objective section in your resume can help to communicate your story to a potential employer and these cases all revolve around change.

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