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Don’t let the new year ruin your career

By Bec | Changing Your Job or Career Path , Confidence, Mindset and Behaviour

At the beginning of every new year, a few common themes become apparent with my clients and the people I encounter in general. Themes that tend to change our way of thinking and trigger actions that can sometimes be quite counter-productive in terms of career development. In this post, I am sharing the three most common themes that I see at this time of the year and what you can do to make sure the new year doesn’t ruin your career!

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Career Coaching: How I Can Help You Get Ahead in Your Career - Pop Your Career

Career Coaching: How I Can Help You Get Ahead in Your Career

By Bec | Changing Your Job or Career Path , Confidence, Mindset and Behaviour , Improving Your Current Career

Career coaching is not a super well-known service in Australia. And in fact, a lot of people send me messages asking what career coaching involves. So, today I thought I’d break it down for you. I’m sharing the main reasons my clients engage me, as well as the different options you have for working with me. If you have any questions or you’d like to chat further, you can book a free 15 minute consultation with me using the link at the bottom of this post.

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Want to become more employable? Try these actionable tips! - Pop Your Career

7 ways to become more employable

By Bec | Changing Your Job or Career Path

Are you looking for ways to become more employable? Perhaps you’ve decided that it’s time to change jobs, but you’re not getting a great response from your applications? Or maybe you haven’t started applying yet, but you want to ensure you’re ahead of the game? Well, I’ve got your back! In this post I’m sharing 9 ways that you can become more employable and they’re all super actionable! Let’s go!

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If you have been thinking about changing jobs but you just aren’t sure if it’s a good idea, this post will help. Consider these tips and make an informed decision before making a jump - Pop Your Career

How to know when to change jobs

By Bec | Changing Your Job or Career Path

Have you been thinking it’s time to change jobs? Sometimes it can be difficult to know when it is the right time. And truthfully, I have been having a lot of conversations lately about the fact that there isn’t really a “right” time. For anything. 

In most instances you just need to trust your intuition and take action, but for a lot of people, trusting your intuition doesn’t come naturally. This is why I prepared this post. To clarify some of the feelings, situations and circumstances when you might want to consider making a move.

Let's talk about some situations where you may consider changing jobs. 

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Do you feel like your colleagues aren’t pulling their weight? I feel you. This is super frustrating and research now shows that it is one of the reasons people feel dissatisfied and demotivated in their roles. Read this post for more info about how to manage it! – Pop Your Career

What to do when your colleagues aren’t pulling their weight

By Bec | Productivity and Goal Setting

We’ve all experienced frustration when colleagues aren’t pulling their weight. You know the ones. They’re too busy taking personal calls and socialising with their friends in other parts of the office to stay on top of their work.

Funnily enough, they’re usually the ones who are often complaining about the fact that they’re sooooo busy. And I am sure that whenever you hear those words roll out of their mouth, you feel like choking them. (Figuratively speaking, of course). But what can you do about it? Aside from stooping to their level and gossiping endlessly about them at the photocopier? Let’s talk about it.  

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